The Friend and Cinnamon Roll Cookies Recipe!

Keeping with my theme of catching up on blog posts and writing news, I had a story published in the June 2017 edition of the Friend magazine! As with most of my life, my daughters were the inspiration and driving force for me to record and submit this story. It really is a delightfully inspired, easy to read story, so please take a moment and have a look (plus the artwork is beautiful!).


And once again, we’re almost always in the mood for cinnamon, and we wanted to celebrate. My daughters love it when I make this Cinnamon Roll recipe (seriously delicious), so I thought about making these. However, for the last while, we’ve been travelling and no place we’ve stayed had quite the right equipment to make Cinnamon Rolls (no beaters, no rolling pin, etc.).


So we got creative! Never being a snickerdoodle fan (too crunchy!) I messed around with sugar cookie recipes, and ended up creating what we call Cinnamon Roll Cookies. We love them! With or without icing, these hit the spot and are sure to be a favourite for all of the cinnamon roll lovers in your life.



Cinnamon Roll Cookies*

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