Nov 2016 Visiting Teaching Cards and Raspberry Sauce Recipe!

I confess, I *love* visiting teaching during the General Conference months! Such a great selections to share with the women I know and love, and the spirit of this past general conference was especially beautiful and loving for me.  The printable visiting teaching card and recipe is here: vt-message-11-2016. Just print (front and back) on card-stock, and deliver or add an address and stamp and post to the women you visit teach.


raspberry-sauceI love cranberry sauce! But for my family, the taste is generally to tart for them- especially the kids. Plus, it can be very hard to find fresh or frozen cranberries in Australia. So I created this recipe to put smiles on the faces of all who taste it! (For those who love cranberry, but not typical cranberry sauce, see below the Raspberry Sauce recipe for a cranberry version of this recipe!)

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Welcome to my website!

Hello and welcome to my webpage!

There are a few things I love almost as much as I love my family– those things are writing, reading and visiting teaching. My family is fabulous, and I’ll write about them more in the future. But  for now, this is a collection of my writing:


Baptism & Boomerangs (please email me if you’d like a copy! In the US, they are $14.00US with free shipping in the US, and in Australia, they are $20.00AU with free shipping in Australia)


Works where I am a contributor:

Muffins and Miracles: Church Service in the Real World

Raspberries and Relevance: Celebrating Sisterhood in the Real World

Chocolate Chips and Charity: Visiting Teaching in the Real World

Candy Canes and Christmastime: Enhancing the Holidays in the Real World

Apple Pies & Promises: Motherhood in the Real World


And academic work where I am a contributor:

Mormon Women Have Their Say

Journal of Mormon History, An Independent Companion: Ethel Parton and the Australian Relief Society