September Visiting Teaching Printables are Here!

It’s Father’s Day in Australia this Sunday– so what are your plans for Dad!?

September 2016 VT Postcard Printable. Remember, this prints 2 cards per piece of 8.5×11″ paper. Just print the first page, turn the page over and print on the back. Cut to size, add a stamp, and voila! Or- just print and take them to the women you visit teach! These are perfect recipe-card sized, and taking this with you ensure that everyone has a copy of the message to chat about.

The message this month is another focus on parenting, and the recipe is my delicious creamcheese brownies recipes. I am overjoyed to add that this recipe has *finally* been declared edible by my fussy 6 year old. Previously, she did not like brownies. Too intense! But she likes these!  A family friendly dessert– hurrah!!!  Perfect for family home evenings!

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