Free “It’s Great to be 8” Lesson Plan and Octopus Craft!

One of the best things about turning 8 years old is that you get to be baptised! Luckily, Octopuses have 8 legs which can help all of us remember the important things are preparing for, and being baptised. Although this is aimed at the soon-to-be 8 year old, this lesson can be easily adapted for Family Home Evenings, or even Sunday School Craft


To do this: You need some yarn, scissors, a ruler and some cardboard.


I.Ask: What is the most important thing that you can finally do when you turn 8 years old? (Be baptised)


Why is it important to be baptised? (Allow children to share ideas about this. Remind them that Christ set an example of being baptised.)


II. What animal has 8 legs? (Have fun with this and let the family members guess until someone says, “octopus.”


If you had 8 legs, it might be easier to remember these 8 important things about baptism. What do you think these 8 things are? (Let children guess. If they get a right answer, write it down.)


Take turns looking up the scriptures that are associated with the “8 things about baptism.”


These are 8 things about baptism:

  1. You have to be 8 years old! (scripture reference/ Moroni 8:9)
  2. JESUS WAS BAPTISED. Jesus set an example by being baptised (scripture reference /JST Matthew 3:35)
  3. We are told that when we are baptised, we are “baptised unto repentance.”  (scripture reference/ Mosiah 26:22) What does this mean? (This means that we are considered clean from all of our sins, and any misdeeds in the future that we make, we must be sure to repent. )
  4. HOLY GHOST. After you are baptised, you are confirmed and gain the companionship of the Holy Ghost. (scripture reference/ 3 Nephi 19:13) What does this mean? (The Holy Ghost will prompt and guide you and help you to make choices that will be a blessing for you and those around you.)
  5. INFINITY / ETERNITY. They infinity symbol looks a lot like the number 8. What does infinity mean? (Eternal, ongoing, immortality, without end.) How does being baptised mean we can live for an infinite amount of time? (Moses 1:39) Why do you think it is important to our Heavenly Parents for us to be in an eternal family? (They love each of us!)
  6. FAMILIES ARE ETERNAL. It is very important for parents to teach children about baptism. In fact, parents are commanded to teach their children about baptism. (Doctrine and Covenants 68:25) Why do you think this is a commandment for parents? (Because parents are in the best position of anyone to teach their children.) (Should you feel brave, you might ask you child if you did a good job teaching them about baptism!)
  7. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE BAPTISED. Baptism is so important, that we have temples where we can be baptised for the dead. After you are baptised, you can prepare and look forward to going to the temple to be baptised for people who were not able to be baptised. (1 Corinthians 15:29)
  8. SACRAMENT. Each time we partake of the sacrament, it is as if we have been baptised again. Read the words to hymn #303, Keep the Commandments. Why do you think there is safety and peace when we keep the commandments? Why is it best to keep the commandments? (We feel the Holy Ghost) How can partaking of the sacrament help us to feel the Holy Ghost (we are cleaned from sin and can be more clearly guided.)


If you like, you can write these 8 things on a piece of paper and keep with the octopus.

III. Since an octopus has 8 legs, which makes it a great way for us to remembers these important things about baptism.

To start, have the children use a ruler to measure 8 Have them cut a piece of cardboard from an old cardboard box that is 8 inches (20 cm) long, and about 2 inches wide.

Have children choose the colour(s) of yarn that they like best. My soon-to-be 8 year old chose her favourite colours, dark pink and dark blue.





Hold the yarn on the cardboard. Then wrap it around the cardboard 60 times.  In this image, I did 30 rotations of dark blue, then I did 30 rotations of the dark pink.





Slide the large loop off of the cardboard.











Tie a piece of yarn, or place a rubber band one inch from the top, and one in below that, as shown:














Cut the yarn loop at the end that has not been tied off.














Count 15 strings. Separate them into 3 groups of 5. Braid the 3 sections, as shown. Repeat this with the remainder of the yarn, tying each braid at the end to make 8 octopus legs.


seven eight








When all of the legs are braided, cut the opposite ended loop (the “hair”). Trim the legs and hair as desired.












If wanted, glue or set buttons or googly eyes on the octopus.


Remind all family members that this octopus is important because it reminds us of 8 important things about baptism.


Close with a prayer and a sweet!

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