Light the World!

ornamentJust like many of you, our family is doing the “Light the World” challenge. It has been wonderful!!!


We have tried to keep many of the things are doing anonymous, so I have not been posting much about it on my personal facebook or otherwise. But the spirit of Christ is palatable in my home right now, and for that, I am grateful.
In adding to this, we would like to send a copy of Baptism & Boomerangs to someone in the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. This is not a contest or a promotion, this is a gift we want to send anonymously to a family who might love it. For facebook, please PM me -OR- comment with the phrase “Light the World,” by December 14, 2016. For this webpage, please comment the phrase “Light the World.”


We will put everyone’s names in a hat on December 15. My daughters will pick the name, and I will message you to get the address so we can post the book. The book does not need to be sent to you, but to anyone you choose. It will be posted in the mail on December 16, which is the anniversary of my father’s death, hence the reason I chose this date. I know that because of Jesus Christ and the great plan of happiness that I will see my father again, and I feel like my Dad would be happy about my book.
Merry CHRISTmas!