Free Lesson Plan! “Spell Halloween Spell”

halloween-bikkiesOkay. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am “that mother.” And I love being that mother. I dress up for Halloween. I like to help out in my children’s classrooms. I send lesson plans to their teachers and offer to do them for the class. And my children love it, too. So– this lesson plan is aimed at teaching students how to spell ‘Halloween.’ Yes, it involves baking as well (yet another of my loves). I’ll post a copy of my sugar cookie recipe around Christmastime, unless people are really anxious for it sooner.


Happy Halloween!


Spell Halloween Spell Lesson Plan

By Sherrie L. M. Gavin


Tools: Cookies for entire class, 1-2 “gag” cookies and/or a silly Halloween hairpin,  all carried in a non-opaque bag, plus video resources and small slips of paper.

  1. WITCH (in this case, me– mother!) enters the class carrying a bag. img_20161024_104553045WITCH tells the students she has some perfectly “Ghoulish” cookies for them. Play this up; WITCH takes a gag cookie (fake cookie with plastic insects glued on) and invite the “ghouls” to eat it. (they’ll say no, or WITCH will request the prove they are a ghoul before they eat it.) Soon, students will say they are not ghouls
  2. WITCH Says:

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October 2016: Pumpkin Brownies

Classic Halloween Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin

In the US and UK, October means ghosts and goblins and Halloween fun! Much of that has also started in Australia– but mostly with spring, we get an influx of super yummy fruits and veggies! One of these bodacious and flavorful fruits and vegetables happens to be the classic pumpkin. When we think of pumpkin, often we envision the large, round jack-o-lantern style Pumpkins– but the variety this and so many like it are all a part of the squash family. Indeed, called butternut squash in North America, the humble butternut is referred to as a butternut pumpkin in Australia and New Zealand.


The Australian popular Jarrahdale or Blue Pumpkin.

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